Nursing Care Conference-Global Edition

Theme : Health Promotion and Prevention

Liana Rodica Carbunaru

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Romania


Liana-Rodica Carbunaru Born on 18th November 1968 in Tinca city, Bihor county, Transilvania region, Romania country.I am a Registered Senior Nurse working in United Kingdom for 10 years. I devoted 100 percentage of my practice to adult health care in National Health Service. I have extensive experience in endocrine and diabetes medicine, acute medicine, renal transplant,haematology, respiratory medicine and now I am starting working in theatres recovery room. I have done continuous practice development and I attended several sessions within my nursing program.

I was nominated for the best nurse star of the year in 2021from the patient experience feedback.I am also digital champion for Electronic Prescribing andMedicines Administration in my hospital.

Currently I am enrolled in EMCA Aspirant CancerCNS development program founded by EMCAEast Midlands Cancer Alliance.I am a passionate person regarding improving and Implementation of technology in patients health care.Education and credentials Nottingham University Nursing in 2017University College of Nursing Oradea in 1997 “Emanuil Gojdu “ High School in 1987.