Nurses in Hospital Management

Nursing management contains the performance of the leadership functions of governance and decision-making within organizations employing nurses. It consists of processes common to all management like planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling. Hospital infection can occur by viral, fungal pathogens. All hospitals have infection control policies and procedures, and staff takes precautions to avoid infections. In healthcare institutions, especially in hospitals, material resource management (MRM) constitutes a particularly important issue, considering the diversity of materials used and their high cost, especially those related to the care of the hospitalized people. The administration of these is normally carried out by the administrative area without the involvement of specialized areas such as nursing. Material resources in healthcare can be classified according to several criteria: purpose, storage specificity, value and level of criticality or application. In relation to purpose, the resources can comprise large groups of materials, namely: medicines, hygiene, laboratory, computer, maintenance, food products and medical-hospital supplies. The nurse with management responsibilities of a nursing unit would typically report to a service director. They have primary responsibilities for staffing, budgeting, and day-to-day operations of the unit.

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