Nursing Role in Primary Health Care

Primary health care is the first level of contact that individuals, families, and communities have with the healthcare system. Primary health care nurses work in a range of settings, each sharing the characteristic that they are a part of the first level of contact with the health system. Nurses play a critical role in dealing with problems of access to the primary health care (PHC) system. The multidisciplinary role of nurses as health care provider, educator, and advocate means the strain on other PHC resources can be ameliorated through integrated practice involving both general practitioners (GPs) and nurses. Primary health care practice models to increase access to quality healthcare. Registered nurses (RNs) are well positioned to assume direct care and leadership roles based on their understanding of patient, family, and system priorities. This project identified 16 exemplary primary health care practices that used RNs to the full extent of their scope of practice in team-based care. The majority of primary healthcare is accessed through general practice; primary health care nurses contribute to the delivery of primary health care in many other ways. The term primary health care nursing refers to the practice of registered nurses who provide care in the community and outside the hospital in a variety of settings, including general practice, public health, Plunket, community-based clinics and people’s homes.

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