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Aquilus international believes in Green eventing to reduce the direct environmental impact of it, leaving a positive and lasting legacy towards community and coming generations. We see a number of opportunities and benefits can be identified, for our sponsors and exhibitors, our participants, service providers and for the venue region also. From our first conference, we started endorsing, the “Go Green” campaign. The conference material, we use for these conferences are recyclable, such as Jute Material Bags. Though it is a beginning, we are opting several methods for achieving our goal and we welcome any partners all over the world, who could support our motive. They can have a free endorsement in our event and we are would be proud to have you in our website.



An eco-friendly or a green event is not simply limited to recycling alone; it goes beyond that by taking a “whole systems” approach to the vast flow of resources and waste that can be generated in organizing an event. Green events reduce the negative effects on the environment and leave a positive impact for the host community. If we choose a green caterer for the event and all materials are recyclable or compostable, an event will be certified zero-waste. It helps in zero-waste event planning.

The aim of Green Event Certification would help in encouraging, recognizing and celebrating the voluntary, sustainable efforts of event organizers who have taken to reduce the environmental, social and financial costs of their events. The certification also serves as an opportunity to inform and engage event attendees of the sustainable initiatives taking place. Zero-waste event planning could range from waste minimization and energy conservation to acquiring carbon offsets. Calculating carbon credits acquired by any event finally reflects in a reducing climatic impact, which includes venue, registration, accreditation, transportation, food and beverage services, and procurement.

Minimise greenhouse gas emissions, minimise natural resource consumption, avoid waste generation, protect natural resources, encourage hosting community for sustainable development and provide benefits economically, socially and environmentally and increase the awareness of sustainability issues among participants. Planning an environmentally friendly includes, implementation of smart, sustainable practices can help to minimise cost, conserve energy and reduce waste. Planning incorporates environmental considerations in all stages of the meeting in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Features of a Green Meeting may include electronically circulated meeting materials, teleconference options, online file sharing, or outdoor meeting rooms. Other sustainable options include scheduling breaks for physical activity, providing healthy snacks (Organic food), and hosting meetings in central locations. Sustainable event marketing utilizes online, eco-friendly electronic marketing and social media tools to promote and publicize green events, the reduction in printed materials can support the green event.

A green event enhances the brand's reputation and commitment to sustainability and it drives the innovation in resource and event management. It gives an appearance and appreciation of being green. A green event can lead to better communities in the host city and a chance to give back to Mother Earth.

Eco-Friendly Fiber: Jute – A Sustainable Material for a Conference Bag

Jute is a natural vegetable fibre made from the outer stem and skin of the jute plant. Also known as 'the golden fibre' due to its shiny golden color and financial worth, jute is valued for its versatility and a wide range of applications. The most common use for jute fibre is in the production of jute fabric and a number of other fabrics, including hessian, scrim and canvas.

Jute fibre is entirely bio-degradable and compostable. Jute fibre is recyclable. Jute bags are hard-wearing and can be used again and again, negating the need to use plastic carrier bags. Jute can be grown without the need to use pesticide or fertilizer. Where these chemicals are used jute requires very little of them compared to other crops. Jute reaches maturity in under 6 months and offers large crop yield for the area of land its grown upon. This efficiency of growth means less land is required compared to other crops and therefore reduces the need to encroach upon wilderness and natural habitats. The woody core of the jute plant (called Hurd) has the potential to meet the majority of the world's wood needs. Underutilised at the moment, jute hurd has the potential to have a huge positive impact on the reduction of deforestation. The plant absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. (Courtesy: http://bagsofideas.co.uk/eco-friendly-jute-bags-faq/eco-friendly-jute-bags-faq.asp)

Sustainable development, being our primary agenda, certain features are being planned to support towards green events eventually resulting in cost savings, positive reputation of an event, environmental innovations, awareness raising programs, social benefits and following best practices within the organization. The features listed to achieve in the process were:

  • Inserting sustainability into the employee's responsibilities
  • Initiatives should be documented at every step
  • Educating supply chain system towards sustainability
  • Using e-brochure is an eco-friendly idea
  • Knowledge sharing on sustainability in websites
  • Including sustainability supporting agencies and documented
  • Reducing water use or applying reuse
  • Expressing discounts for sustainability
  • Increasing sustainability awareness in attendees
  • Awareness and knowledge sharing should be recorded
  • Sustainability procurement policy towards sustainability
  • Reducing paper use
  • Calculating carbon emission and recorded
  • Energy resources through renewable energy
  • Providing public transport to all attendees
  • Obtaining ISO – 20121 certification

For more details please contact us:  nursing@conferencesus.com

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