Danubius Hotel Arena, Budapest, Hungary

We opted Budapest, Hungary as the best place for our conference, “4th International Nursing And Primary Healthcare Conference”. Budapest is the capital and the most populous city of Hungary. Budapest is a leading global city with strengths in commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. Budapest is cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Among Budapest's important museums and cultural institutions, the most visited art museum is the Museum of Fine Arts, which is noted for one of the largest collections of all periods of European art and comprises more than 100,000 pieces. The central area of the city along the Danube River is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has many notable monuments, including the Hungarian Parliament, Buda Castle, Fisherman's Bastion, Gresham Palace, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Matthias Church and the Liberty Statue. Budapest has a borderline humid continental climate with relatively cold winters and warm summers. Winter (November until early March) can be cold and the city receives little sunshine. Snowfall is fairly frequent in most years, and nighttime temperatures of −10 °C (14 °F) are not uncommon between mid-December and mid-February. The spring months (March and April) see variable conditions, with a rapid increase in the average temperature. The weather in late March and April is often very agreeable during the day and fresh at night. Budapest's long summer – lasting from May until mid-September – is warm or very warm. Sudden heavy showers also occur, particularly in May and June. The autumn in Budapest (mid-September until late October) is characterized by little rain and long sunny days with moderate temperatures. Temperatures often turn abruptly colder in late October. Spring and Autumn are generally mild. Considering all the favorable factors, Aquilus International chooses Budapest as venue for the conferences.


Budapest, Hungary has spectacular hotels in the world with best architecture and impeccable service.

Danubius Hotel Arena, Budapest, Hungary,

Budapest, Ifjúság útja 1-3, 1148 Hungary


Hungary is a beloved travel destination. The small Central-European country is full of treasures waiting to be explored. From beautiful Budapest - the city of lights - to its many quaint villages and fantastic scenery, Hungary evokes a strong sense of history and tradition at every turn. Hungery is known to be one of the best tourist place on earth having monuments such as Buda Castle, The Danube, Historic Spa Towns, Tihany, The Caves of Lillafüred, Sopron, Eger Castle, Cathedral of St. Peter,Visegrád Royal Palace, The Buda Hills, Aggtelek National Park and Caves etc.

Countries that do not need a visa

Please note that the list below is only for information purposes. It is highly recommended to contact the Embassy of Hungary accredited to your country before the intended departure in order to get a confirmation. The list of countries provided below are excempted from visa processing for a certain period of time.

Country Visa Free Stay Country Visa Free Stay
Albania 90 days Lithuania 90 days
Algeria 30 days  Luxembourg 90 days
Andorra 90 days Macedonia (FYROM) 90 days
Antigua and Barbuda 90 days Macao 90 days
Argentina 90 days Malaysia 90 days
Armenia 30 days Malta 90 days
Australia 90 days Marshall Islands 90 days
Azerbaijan 90 days Mauritius 90 days
Bahamas 90 days Mexico 90 days
Barbados 90 days Moldova 90 days
Belarus 90 days Monaco 90 days
Belgium 90 days Mongolia 90 days
Bulgaria 90 days Montenegro 90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina 90 days Morocco 90 days
Brazil 90 days Netherlands 90 days
Brunei 90 days New Zealand 90 days
Cambodia 90 days Nicaragua 90 days
Canada 90 days Norway 90 days
Cape Verde 90 days Palau 90 days
Chile 90 days Panama 90 days
China 90 days Paraguay 90 days
Colombia 90 days Peru 90 days
Commonwealth of Dominica 90 days Philippines 90 days
Costa Rica 90 days Poland 90 days
Croatia 90 days Portugal 90 days
Cuba 90 days Republic of Kiribati 90 days
Cyprus 90 days Romania 90 days
Czech Republic 90 days Russia 90 days
Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste 90 days Saint Kitts and Nevis 90 days
Denmark 90 days Saint Lucia 90 days
Ecuador 90 days Saint 90 days
Egypt 90 days Vincent and the Grenadines 90 days
Estonia 90 days Salvador 90 days
Travel documents 90 days Samoa 90 days
Eswatini  30 days San Marino 30 days
Federated States of Micronesia 90 days Seychelles 90 days
Finland 90 days Solomon-Islands 90 days
France 90 days South Africa 120 days
Georgia 30 days Spain 90 days
Germany 90 days Sweden 90 days
Greece 90 days Switzerland 90 days
Grenada 90 days Serbia 90 days
Guatemala 90 days Singapore 90 days
Holy See 90 days Slovakia 90 days
Honduras 90 days Slovenia 90 days
Hong Kong 90 days Taiwan 90 days
India 90 days Tajikistan 90 days
Indonesia 90 days Thailand 90 days
Iran 30 days Tonga 90 days
Iceland 90 days Trinidad and Tobago 90 days
Ireland 90 days Turkey 90 days
Israel 90 days Tunisia 90 days
Italy 90 days Turkmenistan 90 days
Japan 90 days Tuvalu 90 days
Jordan 90 days Ukraine 90 days
Kazakhstan 30 days United Arab Emirates 90 days
Kiribati 90 days United Kingdom 90 days
Kyrgyzstan 30 days Uruguay 90 days
Korea (Republic) 90 days USA 90 days
Kuwait 90 days Uzbekistan 30 days
Laos 90 days Vanuatu 90 days
Latvia 90 days Venezuela 90 days
Lebanon 90 days Vietnam 90 days
    Yemen 90 days


Documents required for a Visa could include the following:

  • Passport copies
  • Copy of confirmed flight booking
  • Bank approval letter
  • Passport-sized colour photographs
  • Visa fee
  • Visa application form, duly filled

For more datails, for visa processing and travel details, Please follow the link:


Budapest Events:

Budapest offers year-round entertainment in the form of festivals, cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, sporting events, and national celebrations. Search our calendar of Budapest events to find out what's happening in the city and plan your trip around major acclaimed events like the Budapest Spring Festival, Sziget Festival, or the Budapest International Wine Festival

Jewish Summer Festival

The Jewish Summer Festival was first organized in 1998 and its goal was to introduce Jewish culture (music, dance, fine art, books and films) to as many people as possible. The center of the event is the spectacular Great Synagogue in Dohány Street, the second largest Synagogue in the world (after the one in NYC).

Foie Gras Festival

The Foie Gras Festival (Libamáj Fesztivál) is a unique culinary event held in Budapest. In addition to the many goose specialties there will be plenty of entertainment for visitors. Organized by the Hungarian Goose Association, in 2015, the three-day Foie Gras Festival includes a cooking school, various kid's programs and live musical performances. Whether you are a gourmet or a gourmand, if you like to eat and drink, this promises to be a great event.

Budapest Wine Festival

Over the past years the Budapest Wine Festival has truly come of age and is now one of the most prestigious events of its kind in Hungary. Enjoy many popular events, including a Wine University, a wine auction, an arts festival and several live performances. Last year the festival attracted tens of thousands of visitors making it one of the largest wine festivals in the country. The Wine Festival in Buda Castle Hill is an experience for everyone who wants to learn about the art of wine making, sample some of the best Hungarian wines, meet notable wine makers and enjoy Hungarian gastronomy and folk music all in a breathtaking setting.

Sweet Days - Chocolate and Candy Festival

There are plenty of sausage, wine and pálinka festivals in Budapest, so here is an event for those of us with a sweet tooth. Budapest's annual Chocolate and Candy Festival promises to be a sweet culinary event that offers participants a chance to experience everything cocoa products have to offer. For three days, chocolate will be featured in all its magnificent and tasty forms. Several multinational companies, chocolate craftsmen, producers and traders from Hungary and abroad will be in attendance at Sweet Days to tempt you with their delicacies. Fruits, seeds, coffee, vanilla, various syrups, honey, fine wines and sweet drinks will accompany the chocolate and candy at the festival. There will be several kid-friendly programs to keep the little ones entertained while grown-ups can partake in chocolate-making courses and guided chocolate tasting tours or learn 'sweet' recipes and more. Evening entertainment includes musical programs and live concerts accompanied by drinks and fine wines.

Budapest Christmas Market

Each year, from the end of November to the end of December, Vörösmarty Square is transformed into the annual Budapest Christmas Market. Visitors can browse over 100 stands offering unique Christmas-themed arts and crafts. A giant Advent calendar on the facade of the glamorous Gerbeaud building, exhibitions, live entertainment and food & wine are also part of the festivities. Each day, between December 1st and 23rd a new window is opened in the Advent calendar, accompanied by light and music shows. Children’s programs include artisan courses and puppet shows.The scent of traditional Hungarian foods like lángos (fry bread with a variety of toppings), kürtöskalács (a cone-shaped sweet hollow pastry), roasted meats, fried sausages and other delicacies like home-made strudels, töki pompos (oven-baked dough) and roasted chestnuts wafting in the air is sure to whet your appetite. Soak up the holiday atmosphere and keep yourself warm while strolling among the wooden stalls of the market with a cup of mulled wine. The magical atmosphere of the Budapest Christmas market is a truly unforgettable experience.


Directions will be provided from airport to the venue place in all means. The local public transport details will be listed along with local taxi fair. These details will be very helpful to our conference attendees to reach the venue destination.

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